Remember these things before the procedure

Keep These Things in Mind

It Will Help You And Us

Arrange time off work/normal activities.

Avoid aspirin and all other anti-inflammatory medications for 10 days pre-op, as these may promote bleeding by inhibiting blood platelet function.

Arrange transport after the procedure. You must not drive for at least 12 hours after the procedure if intravenous sedation has been used.

Please ensure you arrange transport after the procedure.

Prepare the pubic area and scrotum two nights before. A lather and shave is suitable, though good results often follow clipping or cutting hair short, then using a hair removal cream such as Nair or Veet. Follow the product instructions carefully, and use the low irritant or ‘for sensitive skin’ variety of the product.

Shower before leaving for the procedure: you may take a light breakfast on the day.

Arrive ontime, ie at least 20 minutes before your appointment time. Allow for peak hour traffic delays.

Bring your signed consent form, obtained at the pre-operative interview and examination, and your family doctor’s address details.

Bring cold packs in a small esky if you have to travel outside of the metropolitan area to get home.

Bring 2 pairs of jockey style underpants for good support after the procedure.

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