What to Do After Vasectomy

Care After The Procedure

Wear 2 pairs of jockey style underpants, for good support. This reduces discomfort and swelling. Continue for 3 days.

On arriving home start the first application of cold packs. Apply the cold pack to the scrotum with a thin chux wipe or similar to prevent skin sticking. Apply for 15 minutes every hour for day 1 postop, ie the day of the procedure, until retiring that night. A cold pack is the best pain relief.

Rest: read a book, watch television, snooze, but don’t undertake physical exertion on day 1. On days 2&3 you may be up and about but avoid lifting and straining. From day 4 activities may be gradually ramped up.

Use panadol or panadeine for pain relief if necessary.

Avoid alcohol for 24hrs: it causes blood vessel dilation and may therefore contribute to swelling.

Don’t shower on day one post-op, but you may shower from day two onwards.

Start using liquid betadine on the evening of the procedure, and twice daily thereafter for one week.  Avoid creams.


If sutures have been placed during your procedure remove them on day 5 post-op: you can return to the surgery for this, at no cost, or remove the stitch with your spouse’s assistance.

Remember to use contraception post operatively until a 4 month post vasectomy semen analysis and clearance from the surgery. You will be given a list of these recommendations on the day of the procedure, as well as a pathology request form, container and instruction for the 4 month post-vasectomy test. You will receive a reminder from the surgery when the test is due, and a notification of the test result.

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