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Dr Valentine has many years experience with the vasectomy procedure and you can feel
safe and comfortable knowing you are in the right hands.

Dr Matthew Valentine

Dr Matthew Valentine, a South Australian graduate, has been performing vasectomies in Brisbane since 2008, having initially trained in the traditional technique with Dr Silver.

He has trained further in the USA, specialising in the No Scalpel Vasectomy technique. He conducts vasectomies at The Gap, Montserrat Day Hospitals (north Lakes and Taringa), Southport (Vasectomy Venue), and Marie Stopes Australia (Bowen Hills, Robina, Townsville, Adelaide, with visiting clinics in Canberra and Melbourne).

Dr Greg Silver

Dr Greg Silver, a Queensland graduate, has been performing vasectomies at The Gap in Brisbane since 1985.

Dr Silver retired from practice in Jan 2020

This service is available for patients within and outside of the Walton Bridge Medical Centre patient base. Most vasectomies currently done at Vasectomy Clinic Brisbane come from elsewhere in Brisbane and South East Queensland. A formal referral from your usual general practitioner is not required, but is welcome and often helpful if you have a complex medical history.

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