Remember Your Medicare Rebate


Pre-operative visit

  • $69.00, (medicare rebate $38.20).
  • A $15.00 booking fee is required for new patients, and this is subtracted from the $69.00 fee.
  • You may change your appointment, but failure to attend, or to give at least 2 hours notice of cancellation or change may result in forfeiture of the booking fee.

Vasectomy Booking Fee

  • $50.00, this fee is subtracted from the procedure day fee when paying for the vasectomy.
  • You may change your vasectomy booking, but the booking fee may be forfeited if the vasectomy booking is cancelled or changed less than 48hrs before the vasectomy booking appointment time.

Procedure Day

  • $476.75, less the pre-paid booking fee of $50.00 = 426.65 : Medicare rebate $236.75. Total out of pocket expense $240.00.
  • There is no separate fee for sedation: this is included. There is no procedure room fee: an accredited procedure room is used, and a medical assistant is present.
  • The fee must be paid in full on the day of the consultation, booking, or procedure respectively. No private health insurance cover or health insurance excess applies.
  • Online medicare claiming is available, allowing electronic transfer of your medicare rebate to your nominated bank account.
  • A ‘new patient data sheet’ may be downloaded here for completion before your pre-operative visit.
  • QML pathology have agreed to direct bill pathology for medicare card holders and laboratory locations may be found here.

Same day Pre-operative visit and Procedure

  • $538.49 less the prepaid booking fee of $50.00 = $488.49.
  • Medicare rebate of $272.50
  • Total out of pocket expense $265.99.

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